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Connectivity for all

Collaboration is the basis for developing public policies and regulation that strongly support investments to connect the connected and leave no one behind.
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Radio spectrum is the channel through which wireless communications travel today and a key element in the digitalization of society and the economy.
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Future networks

Networks of the future will be indispensable for the digital society. They will be characterised by being open, virtualized, programmable, flexible, automatable, and customizable.
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Digital Regulation

The changes being generated by digitalisation require urgent modernization of regulatory frameworks and public policies to adapt them to the today’s digital society.
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AI and algorithms

It is essential to assess the impact of Artificial Intelligence and to establish limits and a framework of certainty that provides value and certainty for the use of this technology.
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Privacy and data

Protecting users’ privacy and data must be a prerequisite when designing, developing, and delivering digital services.
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Cybersecurity is one of the main risks of the digital society. The scope and complexity of the threats calls for international cooperation and public-private partnerships.
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Digital education & employment

One of the main concerns of the digital society is job destruction. Just as some jobs will be replaced as a result of new technologies, new ones will be created.
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Industrial policy

It is essential to promote an industrial policy that fosters the competitiveness of enterprises and contributes to the creation of economic value.
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