Wayra connects Telefónica with the entrepreneurial ecosystem around the world. As a strategic partner, we help them scale to accelerate their business.

Wayra provides a unique and seamless interface between entrepreneurs and our network of companies, governments and other partners, adding value to the ecosystems in which we are present. More than 80 Wayra startups are already working with us to deliver disruptive solutions to Telefónica and its customers.

Wayra Ecosystem

Wayra Hubs

Wayra is the most global, connected and technological open innovation hub in the world. It currently has 7 hubs in Europe and Latin America, investing in 10 countries with a clear objective: to help startups scale.

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Wayra Builder

With Wayra Builder we capitalise on our technological talent, the patents developed internally and other assets that we also have at Telefónica to create innovative, pure digital startups that respond to global market needs that are not being sufficiently covered today.

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Wayra Perks

Wayra Perks is a platform through which we help Wayra entrepreneurs and startups to grow, supported by our partners and Telefónica, offering benefits and credits that mean great savings for the startup.

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Wayra X

Wayra X is a 100% digital hub, designed to invest on a global scale in the unicorns of the future, in those entrepreneurs capable of clearing the most complex X’s and improving people’s lives by incorporating the latest technology into their daily lives. In Wayra X we do not have a specific geography, we are an X marked in any part of the world.

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Main Data

+400 Active startups
+25% startups working with Telefónica
10 countries with a presence

Wayra in the world