Human rights

At Telefónica, we are committed to respect and to the promotion the rights of all people. We work proactively to prevent any abuse related to our activity or that of our business partners.

Human rights must be respected in all situations by both us and our suppliers, whether when we deploy telecommunications networks or use technologies such as Artificial Intelligence

Our main challenges are privacy, freedom of expression and information, equality, working conditions, health and safety, and respect for the environment.

PMoving forward requires a push from the company’s higher level. For this reason, the ultimate responsibility lies with the Board of Directors of Telefónica: the Sustainability and Quality Committee ensures that we meet the human rights objectives set out in our Global Responsible Business Plan.

We manage possible risks in human rights

In order to avoid or mitigate risks, we have a policy where we show our commitment, analyse the impact of all our activity on people’s rights, integrate the measures necessary to promote said rights within our processes, monitor progress and challenges, and have a channel for anyone to raise queries or complaints with us.

Get to know the “Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights

We assess our impacts

We conduct annual human rights assessments in all our markets in accordance with Corporate Risk Management. In addition:

  • We rely on external experts such as BSR™ (Business for Social Responsibility™) and Business and Human Rights (BHR) to identify priorities according to the context, our strategy and the needs of people, especially the most vulnerable (children, the elderly, people with disabilities, indigenous peoples, etc.).
  • We carry out specific impact assessments: network deployment, children’s rights, privacy and freedom of expression, Artificial Intelligence use, etc.

We take action

  • We implement the recommendations of the impact assessments in the relevant areas of the company.
  • We train employees in human rights.
  • We integrate human rights into the design of our products and services.

Information and complaints

At Telefónica, we regularly monitor our risks and progress in human rights, which we make public in the Integrated Report and share with the Responsible Business Panel, where customers, employees, suppliers, investors and civil society are represented. In addition, anyone can submit queries and complaints to us on the Concern and Whistleblowing Channel.

Human Rights Policy

We promote respect for the rights of customers and employees, and seek to contribute to the progress of society.

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